Congrats on your impending retirement: Jan Durham Retiring With 25 Years of Service with UPS


In honor of your retirement, I have pledged to make a recurring $10 monthly donation for at least the next year to a wonderful, family run 501c3 which also is fully recognized for its important work by the federal tax authority of the Republic of the Philippines: Project Pearls, .  This donation is in appreciation for all the kindness that you have extended to me over the past six (6) years.

$10 each month Will provide a hot meal to 10 malnourished Ulingan children

$100 Will send one child to Pre-school for a year. Will provide school uniform, school supplies and meals.


The PEARLS Scholarship Program Project will help the children of Ulingan in getting a formal education. These scholarships will not only help the economic burden of their families but more importantly will encourage the children to strive harder with their education and to dream bigger. Ulingan is a small slum community in Tondo, Manila that sits on a dumpsite and surrounded by charcoal factories that emit toxic smoke.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Because their families live way below the poverty line, their parents do not have the means to support all the educational needs of their children, no matter how hard they work at the charcoal factory and/or at the nearby dumpsites. The children have no choice but to also work to help augment the household income so that no one in their families dies of starvation.

How will this project solve this problem?

The PEARLS Scholarship Program Project will give these children the opportunity of getting a formal education. The project will provide these children school uniform, school supplies, school meals. Tutorial and homework help is also provided. Opportunities to write to their sponsor and build and foster mentor-mentee relationship.

Potential Long Term Impact

These scholarships will not only help the economic burden of their families but more importantly will encourage the children to strive harder with their education and to dream bigger. The scholarship program will give these children a sense of belonging and a basis for achieving their educational goals in the future.

Project Message

"It seems that you are just giving little things (hug, kiss, hold hands, food) to kids BUT the change is amazing! You can see the transformation to the lives of these kids week after week."

– Rochel Dela Cruz, Volunteer

For more details, please refer to

An anonymous donor has pledged to match this recurring monthly donation by 100% via this Global Giving campaign.

Respectfully yours,


Cc:  UPS Manager Sarah Payne; Supervisors Kay Williams and Lori D’Addario; Lead Chandra Torkkola

Jan Durham Retiring With 25 Years of Service

Recalling 25 years of change, growth and friendships.

Jan Durham is a people person. For 25 years, she’s honed her people and management skills and impacted hundreds of lives – both within UPS and the communities where she has lived and worked.

Hired in February of 1987 as a part-time loader in the Lenexa Hub in Kansas, Jan became a part-time hub supervisor that same year, training new employees. One year later, she moved to what was then known as the “Personnel” department as a part-time employment supervisor and recruiter, hiring part-time employees for the Lenexa Hub.  

Jan was a package car driver during peak season of 1990, prior to her January 1991 promotion to full-time employment supervisor. She rotated through several supervisory assignments as “Personnel” switched to “Human Resources (H.R.),” hiring for every division in the state of Kansas at one time or another and supervising the district H.R. administrative team and managing H.R. data integrity and office systems for six years.   

Jan spent a short rotation in the Finance and Accounting department as a Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.), returning to H.R. in 2001 when she was promoted to Learning and Development (L&D) manager for the district. For the next four years, she rotated through most of the manager specialties within H.R. including Employee Relations and Workforce Planning.

In 2005, Jan relocated to assuming responsibility for Training, Retention, and Health & Safety for all four hub sorts in the Lenexa and Kansas City hubs. 


In February of 2006, Jan joined what was then known as the consolidated Customer Service Centers (CSCs) and relocated to Las Vegas as the Area Human Resources Manager (AHRM).

The Las Vegas site is responsible for technical support for both external and internal customers and has additional specialty skills. Many of the employees in the site joined UPS only a few years earlier through a UPS acquisition of a technical customer support company. “It was a learning curve for Jan as she became accustomed to the terminology, technology, and call center processes which are very different from small package operations,” said Human Resources Manager Steve Collier. “However, she brought with her the rich culture of UPS and experience with consistent application of UPS policies and procedures. She was instrumental in helping the employees embrace our company’s legacies of quality service and community involvement. She’s been an at the center of many important decisions made within the H.R. group and was a tireless advocate for the employees in the Las Vegas site. Her replacement will be stepping into some very big shoes.”

Pictured at right: Jan in earlier days driving the ‘flame car’ to a community event during the era of UPS’s ‘Race the Truck’ commercials with NASCAR driver Dale Jarrett.

Greg Williamson, GBS Operations customer service center site director, remarked, “Over the last six years, Jan has played an instrumental part in the evolution of the Las Vegas GBS site. Through her leadership, we have been able to achieve our goals in delivering the level of service our customers expect.  From recruiting, mentoring, and developing talented employees to
being a role model for the local management team, Jan’s everyday actions provide an excellent depiction of what it is to ‘be UPS brown.’  I am personally thankful to Jan for her guidance and support for the Las Vegas site over the years.” Greg continued, “Jack Rogers said it best in his 1989 Management Conference, ‘Looking around our company, you will find the most loyal, hardworking and dedicated people in the business.  That’s why we are here today.  That’s why we have been so successful over the years.’ And that’s a perfect description of Jan Durham. On behalf of the Las Vegas site, I wish Jan and her husband Thom all the very best in beginning their new adventure: Retirement. Enjoy.”

On her retirement, Jan said, “It doesn’t seem possible that 25 years have gone by so quickly.  So many changes have occurred in technology and the services we offer.  One constant has been the people.  I feel like I have been blessed to work with many, many good partners at UPS.” She continued, “I started at UPS because I needed a part-time job, never dreaming that it would become a career. I was fortunate to have supervisors and managers who saw potential in me and helped me see my own potential. They helped me become a leader and gave me the opportunity to help develop others into future leaders of our company.  I am looking forward to enjoying retirement with my husband Thom.  We plan to do some traveling in our RV and spend time with our kids and grandkids.”

Jan’s last work day will be April 26, 2012. 

jdurham project pearls.pdf Download this file


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