“Some use the words of Torah to heal the body, but they are mistaken. Words of Torah are to heal the soul.” Maimonides

Happy Hanukkah!! and Happy New Year to everyone

What this new congregation means to me:
When Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn [https://www.facebook.com/jacques.cukierkorn?sk=info  see also http://www.rabbicukierkorn.com/contacted me this morning and honored me by sharing his vision for emergent Congregation, Temple Israel http://www.templeisraelgkc.com/Who_We_Are.html, what he shared with me really struck a chord that touched me very deeply in my soul.

I have followed the diverse and profound and myriad "footprints" of Rabbi Cukierkorn for years on the internet before I was honored to become his friend. From my research, long ago I sensed and understand his important life's mission —  over a decade before I had any direct interaction with him and well before Rabbi Cukierkorn related about his common family heritage and history in the Balkans, for example, and well before Rabbi Cukierkorn prayed Kaddish for my father in Monatir [Bitola, Macedonia] at the Jewish Cemetery there last June as well.

So, when Rabbi Cukierkorn made a special request via Facebook this morning that I prepare a short written message to be included in a time capsule tonight at the inaugural Hanukkah Shabbat Dinner, I was more than flattered.  I was very moved and touched in my soul. 

Not being a person of few words and such a short time as Shabbat nears in Kansas City, perhaps the best thing that I can say to this very kind and important request is simply SHALOM, Rabbi Cukierkorn and Temple Israel!  And this simple quote from a "similarly" historic Rabbi to be sealed in prayer in this time capsule:

"Some use the words of Torah to heal the body, but they are mistaken. Words of Torah are to heal the soul." Maimonides

Temple Israel of Greater Kansas City
An exciting congregation serving the greater Kansas City area, Temple Israel seeks to be the area's most inclusive and congregant-centric Jewish organization, where every member and family will feel needed and empowered as an integral part of our Jewish community.

April 2011
Led by Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn, Temple Israel is a progressive Reform congregation: tolerant and international, participatory and flexible, and, above all, warm and welcoming to both Jewish and interfaith families. Whether you come to Judaism by bith, conversion, or marriage, Temple Israel is here to help you make Judaism a more important part of your life–in whatever ways suit your interests, means, lifestyles and beliefs.

Below are just a few quick links from Facebook [appropriately because it is on Facebook and Rabbi Cukierkorn and I primarily interact] related to the 10 year  time capsule! … and the new charter message to be opened in  5782. 

to his international mission

and to his "prayer for family unity and history" globally:

"Some use the words of Torah to heal the body, but they are mistaken. Words of Torah are to heal the soul." Maimonides 

Holocaust Fund of the Jews from Macedonia


Etz Chaim Sephardic Congregation, Indianapolis

Jewish Museum Milwaukee


Beth-El Zedeck


Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn, was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and ordained at Hebrew Union College (Cincinnati, Ohio). He hails from a line of Hasidic Polish rabbis who emigrated to Brazil in 1929. His maternal grandfather came to Uruguay in 1930 where he became one of the founders of that Jewish community.

He is considered an expert on the so-called anusim, the descendents of Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity but who maintained their Jewish identity secretly in some cases, until today.

As an advisor for international organizations, such as Kulanu, Rabbi Cukierkorn has been a key player in some of the most controversial mass "returnings" of Jews to the rest of the tribe, from the crypto-Jews of northern Brazil to the Abayudaba of Uganda. He is dedicated to helping people learn about Judaism and has helped over 400 people (to date) convert or return, mainly in Latin America but also in Europe and the United States.

He is the author of guides to Judaism now available in English, Spanish and Portuguese: Accessible Judaism: A Concise Guide to JudaismHaMadrij: La Guia and Judaísmo Acessível: um Guia Conciso dos Valores e Práticas do Judaísmo Moderno (digital).

Rabbi Cukierkorn is the spiritual leader of Temple Israel of Greater Kansas City. He also serves as Vice-President of theSociety for Classical Reform Judaism and as former President of the Rabbinical Association of Greater Kansas City.

He is married to Denisse and is the father of two daughters. He and his family reside in Overland Park, Kansas, USA.

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Hanukkah!!


A double Chai donation just made in honor of my mother and the Congregation via PayPal via 2011 "methods"
Looking forward to seeing how donations will be made in 5782!!

Temple Israel GKC

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