Re Forbes: Silicon Strip (Las Vegas) plans to turn Las Vegas into a meta-incubator of innovation and ideas –“it’s Sin City to Sim City.”

Silicon Strip (Las Vegas)

Shoe retailer Zappos has been based in the Las Vegas suburbs for nearly a decade, but it’s finally getting some company, thanks in part to CEO Tony Hsieh. His Downtown Project is making plans to turn Las Vegas into a meta-incubator of innovation and ideas: With $350 million committed to seed businesses and build infrastructure, it’s almost as though the city itself is a start-up. “In the last six weeks, at least four tech start-ups moved here from other states,” Hsieh explains excitedly. “We’re building this community from scratch—it’s Sin City to Sim City.”

This entrepreneurial renaissance is also evocative of a co-working space, where like-minded organizations come together to build a community. But what unites the diverse ventures—from robot maker Romotive to local marketplace Rumgr—isn’t their industry, it’s their founders’ desire to be part of the reinvention of a city.

Las Vegas Startups

Covering the Las Vegas Startup World

Launch of – Add Las Vegas Companies and Entreprenuers

When we first started Vegas Startups, we decided that it might be cool to put together a list of all the various Las Vegas startup companies that we found along the way. We went really high tech and put together this bullet list of Las Vegas Startup companies. We knew it was just a start, but was good enough considering [we] only knew of about 20 tech companies in Las Vegas at the time.

Fast forward about 6 months later and it’s fair to say that the Vegas Tech community and the number of Las Vegas startup companies we know is completely different from what we knew about then. It seems like pretty much every day there’s some new piece of news happening in Vegas Tech. I’ve actually captured a lot of the coverage and plan to link to all the various pieces that apply to Las Vegas startups over the next couple weeks.

While Rick and I plan to continue writing about startup companies in Las Vegas on this site, we’re excited to let everyone know about the recently launched

Everyone that has a Startup Company in and around Las Vegas should go and add your company. Plus, there’s even a place for Las Vegas tech people and entrepreneurs to add their name and profile to the list of people that are part of Vegas Tech. You can find Rick’s profile here and mine here(yes, I need a different picture).

Over time I think we’ll probably change our list of Vegas Startup companies to somehow incorporate the company profiles on No sense in us duplicating the work that’s being done there. So, go and add your company on so we can change our list of Las Vegas startup companies to just link to your company profile.

Look for more exciting stuff happening in Vegas Tech!


Thanks for stopping by!  Without going into a bunch of history, we’re hoping that will become a hub for all of the great tech activity that’s going on in Las Vegas.  There’s no doubt that tech has always been around Las Vegas.  There was a surge of tech companies in the original dot com bubble and the casinos have always leveraged tech in gaming.  However, in just the past 6 months a whole community of Las Vegas tech companies have come together to create what’s been come to be called Vegas Tech (or #VegasTech if you prefer).

The interesting thing about tech in Las Vegas is that many of these tech companies have been around for a long time.  However, they each were just working on their own projects in essentially separate silos.  Sure, there was some casual connections of a few people here and there, but there wasn’t really a gathering place or a series of local events that really brought all these tech entrepreneurs and tech companies together in a strong community.

Starting with Startup Weekend Las Vegas and the Vegas Jelly a community started to form and since then has gained momentum with a half dozen other events, incubators, co-working spaces, investment, and of course plenty of entrepreneurs and companies.

We hope that will become the place for Las Vegas tech companies and Las Vegas tech people to come together, support each other, and make Las Vegas a premiere tech destination.

For as much progress as we’ve made, we’re sure there are still hundreds of tech companies and tech people in Las Vegas who know nothing about this Vegas Tech movement that’s happening in Las Vegas. Here’s what you can do to help us continue to build

  • Add a Tech Person – If you’re in Tech, add your information to the website. Let others know you’re in tech in Las Vegas
  • Add a Tech Company – If you have a tech company in Las Vegas, add it to our list of Las Vegas Tech companies
  • Add a Tech Project – Add your Tech Project so others can see what’s happening in Vegas Tech
  • Add a Tech Event – Let us know about all the Tech Events happening in Las Vegas

This is a community effort. So, we need your support to get the information updated and to get the word out to other tech companies and tech people in Las Vegas.

Once you’ve got yourself added to, be sure to check out some of the website features:

If you’d like to help out with or have any other suggestions for the site. Feel free to leave them on our Contact Us page.

Let’s make it happen Vegas Tech!

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