StartupDigest Reading List – December 9, 2011 Life is too short to work at a boring company.

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StartupDigest Reading List
Life is too short to work at a boring company. Be personally recruited by the best startups here

This week I got to hang out at one of the Singularity University sessions with Vivek Wadwha and I saw a talk on cyber crime that completely blew my mind. Not startup related but if you're interested in this kind of stuff check out this video. I have a whole new perception on privacy and security now.  

– Chris

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How do new businesses get ahead in the “Money Game”? Navigating the growing startup financing landscape is the focus of the latest animated video from the Kauffman Foundation’s sketchbook series. Watch “Money Game,” where Kauffman Senior Fellow Paul Kedrosky breaks down the methods entrepreneurs use to raise capital, and the benefits—and hazards—of each.

What You Need to Read This Week

When Death Feels Like A Good Option
By Ben Huh

A heavy and emotional post about the lows of startup life by Ben Huh, previously founder of a failed startup, now founder of the Cheezburger Network.

Programming is for Anyone
By Dan Nguyen

A firey post on why programming can be for anyone if you are really interested in learning. The site is a little confusing but if you're interested in learning to program the free book starts here.

How To Reply to Angel Investor Intro Emails
By Elad Gil

A very tactical post on how to respond to investor emails. Much of this also goes for responding to intro's in general. 

Commandos, Infantry, and Police
By Jeff Atwood

An older post about the different stages of a company's growth and the different people needed at each stage. 

Taking responsibility
By Daniel Tenner

It's easy to blame external factors for your company or product not succeeding. It's even harder to take responsibility and action to make it better.

[Video] Marketing for Startups
By Rand Fishkin 

The video was taken at Hackers and Founders to answer the question what is marketing and why is it important? Rand Fishkin is a co-founder of SEOmoz, one of the largest SEO and inbound marketing companies.

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Life is too short to work at a boring company. Be personally recruited by the best startups here

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