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Jennifer T. Siqueira, LEED ap, AIA Assoc. is an architectural designer in search of a balanced architecture practice; one which provides sustainable architectural solutions for those going through humanitarian, social, and/or climatic crisis. Even though Jennifer’s portfolio as a designer includes projects such as a Napa Valley winery for Robert Redford and a Miami Beach home for Chris Bosch (among others), her true passion lies in the idea of making good sustainable architecture, design and research accessible to all.  Jennifer’s work as founder of the local chapter for Architecture for Humanity chapter in 2009 brought her the UEL Orchid Award for Environmental education as well as the AIA Community Leadership Award . Now as co-founder of Urban Projects Collaborative (Up Lab), Jennifer continues her steady progression towards establishing herself as an architect while carving the way for others in Miami int the field of Design philanthropy. Jennifer holds a B.A in Architecture from UC Berkeley. She’s lecturer at the School of Architecture at Florida International University and is a writer for MUTT – the Miami Urban Think Tank blog. Jennifer grew up in Brazil, moved to the  San Francisco Bay Area, California at age 14, and has lived in Miami for the past 5 years.


Hector F. Burga is an architectural/urban designer and doctoral candidate in the Department of City and Regional Planning at UC Berkeley. He holds a B.A. from the University of Miami in political science and international studies and dual masters degrees in town planning and architecture from the University of Miami School of Architecture. In 2003,  Hector was a Knight Foundation Scholar in Community Building, since he has practiced architecture in Miami and Washington DC and has held adjunct faculty positions in Miami Dade College, DASH, the School of Architecture at UM , UC Berkeley’s Department of City and Regional Planning and at Florida International University. Hector is currently a fellow at UC Berkeley’s Center for Research on Social change, where he is writing his dissertation on Urban planning in Miami.  Hector has edited the Berkeley Planning Journal, has contributed to Places Magazine and is a writer for the Polis Blog and MUTT – Miami Urban Think Tank. Hector was born in Peru and Moved to Miami at age 11. He currently lives between Miami and Berkeley, California.


Up-lab is an incorporated firm pending 501(c)(3) status. We are also exploring for profit alternatives which would place us under the models of social entrepreneurship.


Our work has only been made possible by the generosity of our supporters.  Thank you so much for sharing your passion for Design philanthropy with us. We are very grateful.

Florida International University: FIU is currently collaborating with Up-Lab through an internship. We are working with seven undergraduate and graduate students in the research, design and prototype development of three important projects. Click here for more information.

Camillus House: During the summer of 2011 Up-Lab completed its first up-grade project: The Good Shepherd Village Renovation. This project was accomplished through the management support and financial contributions of Camillus House. Click here for more information

Oppenheim Architecture + Design, Inc: OA+D provided office space for Up-lab’s Urban Practicum, a month long studio in Wynwood.  We are also very thankful to OA+D for providing us with pro-bono architectural assistance for the Good Shepherd Village Renovation.

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The first compost pickup, which took place in July 2011, was a 10 pounds of compost delivered to the compost pile at Earth & Us Farm in Miami. Compost Mobile

2.                             1st Awesome Food Grant! Compost Mobile of Miami – The


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Compost Mobile of Miami. Tuesday, October 4th, 2011. Awesome Food is superexcited to announce that its inaugural micro-grant of $1000 has been awarded to

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Oct 19, 2011 – Compost Mobile of Miami. Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

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4.                             S S S R R for StartUp Weekend: 1st Awesome Food Grant! Compost


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2 days ago – Currently, they are hoping to start four groups in Miami Beach, Brickell, Upper East Side and El Portal. Compost Mobile’s motto is “We want your


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Compost Mobile – an Initiative by Up-Lab.org – Let us pick up your scraps! We’re a food scraps pick-up and deliver service here in Miami Beach. We pick-up your

6.                             Compost Mobile – an Initiative by Up-Lab.org – Info | Facebook


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Compost Mobile – an Initiative by Up-Lab.org – Let us pick up your scraps


How does Up Lab work?

Up-Lab’s work consists on the following scopes of action:

Mission Scope 1: Design

Urban Projects Collaborative [UP Lab] connects global and local networks of professionals and non-professionals towards the collaboration of sustainable design solutions for those in need of emergency assistance humanitarian aid, poverty alleviation, low income housing, skills training and planning education/solutions.

Mission Scope 2: Education & Civic Awareness

Another mission  includes fostering education and civic awareness of the ways in which architectural design, urban design, planning, sustainability trends, address local resident and community needs in emergency assistance, humanitarian aid, poverty alleviation and low income housing, skills training and planning education/solutions.

Mission Scope 3: Research and Development

Our last mission includes the fostering of research and development activities relative to the scopes of Mission 1 and Mission 2: partnerships that promote academic and policy oriented urban research. This scope includes both quantitative and qualitative method-driven research in the areas of emergency assistance, humanitarian aid, poverty alleviation, low-income housing, skills training and planning education/solutions.

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