Policies for a Shareable City: A 20-Part Series with the Sustainable Economies Law Center


What policies can a city adopt to help residents share and support each other? Shareable and partner Sustainable Economies Law Center are engaging readers in that question through a 20-part series. Each post will focus on a different topic and offer policy proposals for ways that cities can support sharing and mutual aid. We'll cover transportation, housing, food, governance, entrepreneurship, and more. There's a lot of ground to cover, so we'll need your help. Please add to our policy proposals by posting ideas, sample policies, and resources in comments. 

The Sustainable Economies Law Center facilitates the growth of sustainable, localized, and just economies through education, legal research, and advocacy to support practices such as urban agriculture, sharing, cooperatives, barter, local currencies, community-supported enterprises, local investing, and eco-villages.


Policies for a Shareable City: A 20-Part Series with the Sustainable Economies Law Center

  1. Car Sharing and Parking Sharing
  2. Ride Sharing
  3. Bike Sharing
  4. Shareable Commercial Spaces
  5. Shareable Housing
  6. Homes as Sharing Hubs
  7. Shareable Neighborhoods
  8. Shareable Marketplaces
  9. Shareable Workspaces and Workshops
  10. Shareable Recreation and Green Spaces
  11. Shareable Rooftops
  12. Community Gardening
  13. Food Sharing
  14. Worry-Free Sharing
  15. Public Libraries
  16. Cooperative Enterprise
  17. Shareable Exchange and Financial Platforms
  18. Democracy and Decision-Making
  19. The Shareable City Employee
  20. Making Sharing Part of the Culture of the City

Basic Information

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