President Aquino’s speech at the launch of the Gawad Kalinga CSI Social Enterprise Movement, June 24, 2011

Honorable Benigno Aquino
President of the Philippines

At the inauguration of Gawad Kalinga Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) Social Enterprise Movement

Announced in Barangay Encanto, Bulacan on 24 June 2011 ]

Apparently yesterday ho yata, I have members of my Cabinet, a father talking to his city. Hong open mouth and not 'I the father of the city' to which we visited, but please concentrated Pong complaint. Ho knew of cheating really pretty little frustrating, so I ho well worth going now I would po'y Angat rigid 'I Angat dam. Elite ho with us because Mr.. Tony Meloto, tens of Gawad Kalinga and indeed I ho, the right does actually becomes successful project, actually becomes much pong partner and father of this project.

Can we cheer again ho Mr. Tony Meloto please all of that. [ Applause ]

Huge po contrast or difference between us kamakilan Pong visited in Mindanao. There po po army staff and the police is the tumitibag called the water hyacinth.

I said please those in our meeting with local government units, yata this time there is a problem to be able to galvanize, your mapagbuklod our community to go there. Who can help us but help the problem ourselves?

God's mercy please, perhaps weak 'yung hearing Nung respectable mayor there in that area, he heard nothing po. And mercy of God, we ignored all the problems he had. 'Never mind ho. Just bless him.

According to the records of the Department of Trade and Industry, made up of micro, small, and medium enterprises is 99.6 percent of businesses in the country. Demonstrating the data to size the potential to assist in the growth of our economy Pong, and be alongside to matuldukan poverty in the country. But we all know the story: before we served, just like part of the routine torture would build a business. Prior to obtain permits, so many red-tape needs to passage. Hindi raw po trends your nine holes of the needle, were two ninety. Before grant of a license, three tables must first catch a bribe before the paperwork move. Who I please gaganahan this trend? Rather than grow the business, forced you to replicate the spot and close only, rather than give you more work, yet the government itself seems prevents you rich.

Thus, when we sit down please, we immediately reviewed the rotten system. We accelerated the process, shortened the need to complete documents, and we encouraged the investment in our country. Insignia po gathering that the unity government, business institutions, and communities to give life business, large or small, here in our country please.

No doubt the launching of Gawad Kalinga Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) Social Enterprise Movement seal the private and public sectors to lay out significant innovations in programs and timely investment in the country. The purpose of this makahubog 500,000-repeat po, eh? Because we count it in 2016, produce and makahubog of 500 000 social entrepreneurs over the next six years (five years nalang po the rest) not only yields a profit in real entrepreneurs, but also help the whole community can practice and advancing from the business. Proof This program also claim to trust in the ability of our countrymen have sufficient capital to initiate their business pong. Dedication and genuine effort, parallel guidance of CSI and Gawad Kalinga, no doubt succeed Pong promotes businesses. And uniquely, uniquely to the products and services initiated, no I am surprised if the next few years, is recognized in different parts of the world you pong business and products.

Many thanks to Mr. Tony Meloto, the Father of Gawad Kalinga, in promoting and supporting programs this pong. From housing, to employment of our poor countrymen, continues to serve as instruments in the development of the Filipinos.Instead mum on the problems of the country to lack of proper housing in the Philippines, and put only sangkaterbang rental condominium for the rich, still chose Mr. Meloto to contribute to resolving this problem of poverty. Thus far, much of the family were given proper housing, and have started a wonderful life with the help po Gawad Kalinga. And please stop here not Mr. Meloto. With the CSI also he led, he supported the entrepreneurs with their services and draws them into the community might be the center of its production. Along with the growth of their business, is also developing its partner community.Basically he was also a good example Pong, and almost eight years of GK is proof of unspeakable success of the united community.

With the help of Gawad Kalinga and institutions of our partners in launching CSI Social Enterprise Movement, let's change that psychology and speaking culture of many of our countrymen. Many Filipinos due to poverty and corruption, is losing confidence in themselves prosper. Planted in their minds the lack of hope or lack of trust in government.

Po I was here, as your president you elected to carry out my mandate causing changes. And I'll have you pressed: other The time is now. In the new era that we know where each project is not the expectation of kickbacks from government, that every program will not only benefit the office, and business growth in your city or village, not gagatasan your municipalities and local leaders. Now let moves on the straight path, revive, let's force all: especially those most in need.

Thus, I urge our compatriots, especially young people, raise more their dreams-dreams that are not limited to having just a job when they grow up, and the dream that 'far less capable than actually attain skill and talent of Filipinos. In kompiyansang yet enjoying our economy, I wish I pong bad if you build your own business, or have other multi-national companies. See just let's rich story of Jollibee Foods Corporation Tony Tan Caktiong. From being two ice cream parlor at Cubao in 1975 (and 'non po Dating Cesar Purisima there), he grew the small business. Now that please, it has reached nearly 2,000 stores, networks, within and outside the country. And even the far reaches of Mr. Tan Caktiong, he does not neglecting to help Filipinos. Imagine that you just tell me the 500 000 social entrepreneurs who huhubugin of GK CSI will succeed like him, I really prosper when pong todo our economy, and aaliwalas also the lives of many Filipinos because of the additional work.

I also added all: Those of the same age I please, knowing that 'I have SM on the day please call, Shoemart, began as they please, shoe sale. Mr.. Henry Sy please themselves looking magkaparehas shoes because, love to dineliver [ delivery ] of them did in the day, piles please that is, find him 'I shared pair. Now please, hinid he met many young Shoemart because they nilalako po, SM please call.

Mr.. Fred Yao here earlier. Juice drink the derivation, now please, airlines to please her concerns, please directly trip from Shanghai to Puerto Princesa, amongst others. Thank you.

Don Emilio Yap po surplus began as just sold. Check your progress po cheating his business and basically turn Pong, up to now, her age is really terrific Pong still many of us still tinutulong Pong country.

Hence please, do not be afraid dream, behind you please keep the government for you.

Here are our administration to ensure optimal tired of hardworking entrepreneurs and not bankrupt the Filipinos. As government support for social entrepreneurs to help preferment of their community, also supported by our administration of law for the development of our poor countrymen. So please its only Tuesday, we signed four laws that help our poor countrymen. With the law allows to work at night the women, we give them more opportunities to succeed in their profession Pong, and certify our preferred gender without having a proper job in the country. Every infant and children five years of age that we also are protected from dangerous diseases such as Hepatitis B due to law enforce free vaccine of them did. By virtue of the law to also extend lifeline electricity rates Pong us, not we cut the mitigation burden of poor families in the bill.And the law add yet ten years existence of the Joint Congressional Power Commission will allow to continue its practice of reform in our pong power sector. Proof please enactment of this unity of the Executive branch and Legislature in promoting the welfare of the Filipinos.

Time to change the common culture of fear and lack of confidence of those you do business in the country. We think we do, not for ourselves but for our neighbor that we can provide jobs. We have the opportunity to get ahead without the feared corruption or corruption in government, we take advantage of that opportunity. With each new livelihood that we think, we also consider the number of mutual benefit please here. And while you pinapalago seedling of your efforts, can you see behind you manage Pong: ready any time to assist you, guiding you toward the light tomorrow.

Many, many thanks. Good day everyone.

Kagalang-galang Benigno S. Aquino III
Pangulo ng Pilipinas

Sa pagpapasinaya ng Gawad Kalinga Center for Social Innovation (CSI) Social Enterprise Movement

[Inihayag sa Barangay Encanto, Bulacan noong ika-24 ng Hunyo 2011]

Tila kahapon ho yata, mayroon akong mga miyembro ng Gabinete ko, may kausap na ama ng kanyang lungsod. At wala hong bukang bibig ‘yung ama ng lungsod na ‘to na amin pong dinalaw kundi po puro reklamo. Alam ho n’yo talagang medyo nakakadismaya ng konti, kaya sulit na sulit ho yung pagtungo ko ng Angat ngayon—sana po’y matibay ‘yung Angat dam. Sulit ho dahil kasama natin si Mr. Tony Meloto, sampu ng Gawad Kalinga at talaga nga naman ho, pag tama ang ginagawa ay talagang nagiging matagumpay ang proyekto, talaga pong maraming nagiging kasangga at ama ang proyektong ito.

Puwede ba ho nating palakpakan ulit si Mr. Tony Meloto sa lahat po ng iyan. [Applause]

Napakalaki po ng contrast o pagkakaiba ng amin pong dinalaw sa Mindanao kamakilan. Doon po, kawani po ng kasundaluhan at kapulisan ang siyang tumitibag ng tinatawag na mga water hyacinth.

Sabi ko po doon sa aming pagpupulong sa local government units, pagkakataon yata itong may problema para ma-galvanize, mapagbuklod iyong ating mga komunidad para may patunguhan. Sino nga ba ang tutulong sa problema natin kundi sarili natin?

Awa ng Diyos po, siguro’y mahina ‘yung pandinig nung kagalang-galang na mayor doon sa lugar na iyon, wala po siyang napakinggan. At awa ng Diyos, bahala na kami sa lahat ng problema niya. ‘Di na bale ho. Pagpalain na lang siya ng Diyos.

Ayon sa tala ng Department of Trade and Industry, binubuo ng micro, small, and medium enterprises ang 99.6 percent ng mga negosyo sa bansa. Patunay ang datos na ito sa laki ng potensyal ninyong makatulong sa paglago ng atin pong ekonomiya, at maging kaagapay upang matuldukan ang kahirapan sa bansa. Pero alam naman nating lahat ang kuwento: bago tayo nanungkulan, para bang bahagi na ng kalakaran ang pahirapan ang mga nais magtayo ng negosyo. Bago makakuha ng permit, napakarami pang kuskos-balungos ang kailangang daanan. Hindi na raw po uso iyong siyam na butas ng karayom, naging dalawang siyamnapu. Bago bigyan ng lisensiya, tatlong mesa muna ang kailangang abutan ng suhol bago umusad ang mga papeles. Sino ba naman po ang gaganahan sa ganitong kalakaran? Sa halip na lumago ang mga negosyo, napipilitan kayong magtiklop ng mga puwesto at magsara na lamang; sa halip na mas marami pa kayong mabigyan ng trabaho, mismong ang gobyerno pa ang tila humahadlang sa inyong pagyaman.

Kaya naman nang maupo po tayo, agad nating nirepaso ang bulok na sistemang ito. Pinabilis natin ang proseso; pinaikli ang kailangang kumpletuhin na dokumento, at hinikayat natin ang pamumuhunan sa ating bayan. Sagisag nga po ang pagtitipong ito sa pagkakaisa ng gobyerno, ng mga institusyong pangnegosyo, at ng komunidad upang bigyang buhay ang pagnenegosyo, malaki man o maliit, dito po sa ating bansa.

Walang dudang ang paglulunsad ng Gawad Kalinga Center for Social Innovation (CSI) Social Enterprise Movement ang magbubuklod sa mga pribado at pampublikong sektor upang maglatag ng mga makabuluhang programa at napapanahong inobasyon sa pamumuhunan sa bansa. Ang layunin nitong makahubog ng 500,000—ulitin ko lang po, ha? Dahil bibilangin natin ito sa 2016—makabuo at makahubog ng 500,000 social entrepreneurs sa loob ng anim na taon (limang taon nalang po ang natitira) ay hindi lamang magbubunga ng kita sa mismong mga negosyante, kundi tulong din sa buong komunidad na maaaring sanayin at umasenso mula sa mga negosyo. Patunay din ang programang ito sa tiwala natin sa angking kakayahan ng mga kababayan nating may sapat na kapital na magpasimula ng kanila pong mga negosyo. Sa dedikasyon at tunay na pagsisikap, kaakibat ang paggabay ng CSI at ng Gawad Kalinga, walang duda pong magtatagumpay ang mga negosyong itinataguyod nito. At sa katangi-katangi ninyong mga produkto at serbisyong pinasisimulan, hindi po ako magugulat kung sa susunod na mga taon, ay kinikilala na sa iba’t ibang bahagi ng mundo ang inyo pong mga negosyo at produkto.

Maraming salamat kay Ginoong Tony Meloto, ang Ama ng Gawad Kalinga, sa pagtataguyod at pagsuporta sa programa pong ito. Mula sa pabahay, hanggang sa paghahanapbuhay ng maralita nating kababayan, patuloy kang nagsisilbing instrumento sa pag-unlad ng mga Pilipino. Imbes na magwalang-kibo sa problema ng bansa sa kakulangan ng maayos na pabahay sa mga Pilipino, at magpatayo na lamang ng sangkaterbang condominium para paupahan sa mayayaman, pinili pa rin ni Ginoong Meloto na tumulong sa pagresolba nitong problema ng kahirapan. Kaya naman ngayon, marami nang pamilya ang nabigyan ng maayos na pabahay, at nakapagsimula ng magagandang buhay sa tulong po ng Gawad Kalinga. At hindi pa po huminto dito si Ginoong Meloto. Sa pamamagitan naman ng CSI na kanyang pinamumunuan, sinusuportahan niya ang mga entrepreneurs sa kanilang mga serbisyo at inilalapit sila sa mga komunidad na maaaring maging sentro ng produksyon nito. Kasabay ng paglago ng kanilang negosyo, ay siya ring pag-unlad ng komunidad na katuwang nito. Talaga naman pong isa siyang mabuting ehemplo; at ang halos walong taon na ng GK ay patunay sa di-matatawarang tagumpay ng mga nagkakaisang komunidad.

Sa tulong ng Gawad Kalinga at ng mga katuwang nating institusyon sa paglulunsad ng CSI Social Enterprise Movement, binabago na po natin ang sikolohiya at kinagisnang kultura ng marami nating kababayan. Maraming Pilipino, dahil sa kahirapan at katiwalian, ang nawawalan ng kompiyansa sa sarili na umasenso. Naitanim na nila sa kanilang isipan ang kawalan ng pag-asa o kawalan ng tiwala sa gobyerno.

Ako naman po ay narito, bilang inyong Pangulong inihalal ninyo para tuparin ang aking mandatong magdulot ng pagbabago. At idinidiin ko ho sa inyo: iba na po ang panahon ngayon. Nasa bagong panahon na tayo kung saan sa bawat proyekto ay hindi kickback ang inaasahan ng mga taga-gobyerno; na sa bawat programa ay hindi ang nasa katungkulan lang ang nakikinabang; at sa paglago ng negosyo sa inyong lungsod o baryo, hindi kayo gagatasan ng inyong munisipyo at ng mga lokal na pinuno. Sa pagtahak po natin sa tuwid na landas, bibigyang-lakas po natin ang lahat: lalo na ang pinaka mga nangangailangan.

Kaya naman hinihikayat ko ang mga kababayan natin, lalo na ang mga kabataan, na taasan pa ang kanilang mga pangarap—pangarap na hindi nalilimitahan sa pagkakaroon lang ng trabaho paglaki nila; at sa pangarap na ‘di hamak na mas mababa kaysa kaya talagang marating ng husay at talento ng mga Pilipino. Sa kompiyansang natatamasa ng ating ekonomiya, wala pong masama kung maghangad naman kayong magtayo ng sariling negosyo, o kaya ay magkaroon ng multi-nasyonal pang kumpanya. Tingnan na lang po natin ang mayamang kuwento ng Jollibee Foods Corporation ni Tony Tan Caktiong. Mula sa pagiging dalawang ice cream parlor sa Cubao noong 1975 (at ‘di po nagde-date si Cesar Purisima doon), lumago ang maliit niyang negosyo. Ngayon nga po, umabot na ito sa halos 2,000 tindahan, networks, sa loob at labas ng bansa. At kahit malayo na ang narating ni Ginoong Tan Caktiong, hindi niya kinaliligtaang tumulong sa mga Pilipino. Isipin na lang po ninyo kung ang 500,000 social entrepreneurs na huhubugin ng GK CSI ay magtatagumpay kagaya niya, talaga naman pong giginhawa nang todo ang ating ekonomiya, at aaliwalas din ang buhay ng maraming Pilipino dahil sa mga karagdagang trabaho.

Dagdag ko rin po: ‘Yung mga kasing-edad ko po, alam na ‘yung SM noong araw po ay tawag, Shoemart, dahil nag-umpisa po sila, sapatos ang binebenta. Si Mr. Henry Sy po ang mismong naghahanap ng magkaparehas na sapatos dahil, pag i-dineliver [deliver] po sa kanila noong araw, tambak po iyan, hahanapin niya ‘yung magkatuwang na pares. Ngayon po, hinid na siya nakikilala ng kabataan na Shoemart dahil marami na po silang nilalako, SM na po ang tawag.

Si Mr. Fred Yao nandito kanina. Juice drink ang pinag-umpisahan, ngayon po, airline na po ang kanyang pinagkakaabalahan, diretso na po ang biyahe mula Shanghai hanggang Puerto Princesa, amongst others. Maraming salamat po.

Si Don Emilio Yap po, nag-umpisa rin surplus lang ang ibinebenta. Tignan naman po n’yo iyong lago ng kanyang negosyo at talaga naman pong, hanggang sa ngayon, sa kanya pong edad ay talaga napakalakas pa rin at marami pa ring tinutulong sa atin pong bansa.


About rictandag @rictandag @LVHelpGro Returned U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer, Tandag, Surigao del Sur, Republic of the Philippines 1979-1980; Financial Management training Program [FMP], G.E., Appliance Park, Louisville, Kentucky 1981-1982 Champion [two days] Jeopardy 1986 Attorney, Los Angeles, CA 1989-1995 Disabiility Rights Attorney,, Las Vegas 1998-1999 Immigration Asylum Attorney, throughout the State of Kansas 1999-2001 Supply Logistics Specialist, UPS Las Vegas, 2006- present [business] advocate for: [Gawad Kalinga, tagalog for "to give care"]
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