GK Villages Products Now Available in Intramuros / GKonomics supports Intramuros’ social tourism initiatives / GKonomics is one of the finalists for the Breakthrough Innovation Grant, out of 94 entries in a open search worldwide.

GK Villages Products Now Available in Intramuros 

The Intramuros Administration signed a memorandum of agreement with Gawad Kalinga through GKonomics last April 15, 2011 amidst celebrations of its 32nd Foundation week in the Walled City. One with their festivities, the GKonomics team joined the Livelihood and Tourism Crafts Fair at Plaza San Luis, selling various Filipino products made by GKonomics social enterprises. 

A permanent showcase for GK villages products will now be at Mananzan Handicrafts and the Intramuros souvenir shops, thanks to Intramuros Administrator Jun Jun Capistrano and Mananzan Handicrafts owner Mrs. Edwina Manazan.

In addition, as Intramuros Administration seeks to revive the country's cultural heritage site, GKonomics honors history and shares with them the Gawad Kalinga vision of a prosperous Philippines by 2024, of which social tourism is an important component. Thousands of social tourists have visited the Philippines through Gawad Kalinga in the last 7 years and many more continue to come. These tourists build GK communities and some even live in GK villages. GK now plans to include Intramuros as a must-see destination in their itinerary.

Another way that GKonomics supports Intramuros' social tourism initiatives is by helping raise a pool of cultural artists from GK communities that could be hired for patriotic cultural events. In line with this, GKonomics is set to train 100 GK residents from around Metro Manila in the performing arts, in partnership with the GK Ateneo Heroes Academy, renowned maestro Ryan Cayabyab and the Ryan Cayabyab Singers. 

A week-long summer camp will be held in Ateneo de Manila University. The intensive 7-day Summer Workshop will take place on May 23 to 28 with a Grand Recital to be held on May 28 at the Irwin Hall Theater in Ateneo where participants will showcase their talents in a play called "Batang Rizal" written by Christine S. Bellen.

As historic Intramuros continues to showcase the story of Manila's illustrious past and preserve centuries-old structures, it also looks forward to presenting the beauty beyond the Walls and share with the world the Filipinos' heroic efforts to build a nation through giving care – "gawad kalinga."

Photos by Ken Reston


GKonomics is one of the finalists for the Breakthrough Innovation Grant, out of 94 entries in a open search worldwide. We have been selected to proceed to the final stage of the search for the most innovative business idea that would have an impact on poverty alleviation in the Philippines.


Breakthrough Innovation Grant (BIG)

Of up to USD $20,000


Of the 94 entries received by the deadline March 15, 2011 in an open search worldwide, seven (7) entrepreneurs/teams have been selected to proceed to the final stage of the search for the most innovative business idea(s) that would have an impact on poverty alleviation in the Philippines.

The winner(s) will receive a grant of up to USD $20,000,000 to be used exclusively as seed funding for implementing the winning proposal. The winner(s) will also receive the Asian Social Enterprise Incubator prize and can avail 6 months of free management consultancy (1 session per month) in the implementation of the project.

Our screening panel consisted of representatives from the three (3) organizing bodies:

–      The Fisherman Foundation;

–      SEVEN (Social Equity Venture) Fund; and

–      University of Asia and the Pacific – Center for Social Responsibility

This search is focused on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as social entrepreneurs whose ideas can serve as drivers for poverty alleviation and social improvement. The initial entries were judged based on the following criteria:

–      Effect on the quality of life and poverty alleviation in Metro Manila;

–      Promotional reach and community participation; and

–      Feasibility of implementation

The seven (7) finalists will submit the following by 

June 15, 2011


–      a full business plan (format provided);

–      a 60-second video clip (optional);

–      a 100-word abstract of their business plan;

–      three (3) references as proof of participant’s capability to implement the proposal (indicate the names and their contact information); and

–      Other forms of proof of capability for project implementation (e.g. for participants from outside of the Philippines, partnership with a local institution that can closely monitor project implementation; access to networks; technical expertise; access to necessary equipment)

The seven (7) finalists will also be assigned specific business consultants who can help them refine their Grant entries prior to the final selection of the Grant winner(s).  The open-source evaluation process (i.e. votes and comments) will again be open to the public on June 15, 2011

. The seven (7) finalists can once again invite their networks to provide suggestions on how to improve their business proposal. The submission of revised business plans will be on July 1, 2011. The winner(s) will be announced on July 15, 2011.

The winner(s) will be selected on the basis of outstanding merit founded on the following criteria:

–      Effect on the quality of life and poverty alleviation in the chosen locality

–      Sustainability – “COW-F” Framework

–      Feasibility of implementation

–      Creativity and innovation

–      Promotional reach and community participation

–      Scalability and replicability

The applications of the seven (7) finalists met our criteria of work that is innovative and has direct social and economic benefits for the community. The seven (7) business ideas are listed alphabetically:

Bottle School Project: Grassroots Contractors by Illac Diaz

Coco-fish composite business plan by Taufan Arhammar, Fajri Nugroho, Sabila Haqi, and Fanny Purwati

GKonomics: The Business of Nation Building by GKonomics International, Inc.

Hodapen, an Environmentally friendly Substitute for Wood by Hossein Davani, Anthony Davani, Morgan Munter, and Aryan Davani

Let the Last be First: The Poor as Vanguard of Solar Energy by Crescente de los Reyes

Messy Bessy Cleaners: Helping Ourselves through Sustainable Enterprises by Messy Bessy Cleaners, Inc.

PEERnet Venture, a YouthLEAP Initiative by Kabataang Gabay sa Positibong Pamumuhay (Peers for Positive Living)



 Manila, Philippines

Building a new generation of producers and an economy where no one -especially the poor – is left behind. Help us create abundance for all.

Basic Information

May 2009
GKonomics, GK partner in social enterprise development, works directly with GK communities and the social entrepreneur to create abundance for all.
Company Overview
GKonomics International, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization which seeks to find and support social entrepreneurs who will produce world-class products and services in the Philippines in partnership with Gawad Kalinga communities.

General Information
GKonomics envisions a prosperous Philippines where no citizen is in need, creating wealth by providing world-class products and services in partnership with the poor.
GKonomics is building a new generation of producers.

Our mission is to build a culture of productivity in GK communities by helping build enterprises that will make the Philippines a country of world-class products and services that does not leave the poor behind.

See the GKonomics Product Catalog at www.gkonomics.com

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