Is Orthodox Conversion Kosher? (Part 1 of 3) | Leadel – Leading Jewish Inspiration

Is orthodox conversion Kosher? New solutions for an ‘unsolvable’ problem…
Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo
Joining the Jewish people was always a sensitive issue, but in today’s open global society, the issue of conversion truly stepped into the spotlight. What are the criteria to be Jewish? What where they 500 years ago? What should they be today? And maybe the most interesting question is: Why?
Rabbi Cardozo discusses the heart of this issue, in his opinion, the question of “not who is a Jew, but what is a Jew?” In addition, he shares his personal story of conversation and the wisdom and insight from decades of dealing with this profound question.
Part 2 & 3 (links to come)

Leadel.NET is a Jewish media hub showcasing the rich variety of contemporary Jewish voices and expressions. Focusing on the state of Jewish identity and activity in the 21st century, Leadel uses digital media to both reflect upon and inspire innovation and creativity.
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Jewish Media Hub, Focusing on the state of Jewish identity and activity in the 21st century, Leadel.NET uses digital media to inspire innovation and creativity.
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Leading Jewish Inspiration.

Leadel.NET is a Jewish media hub, connecting, sharing content & showcasing the rich variety of contemporary Jewish voices.

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In our quest to lead Jewish inspiration and by focusing on the state of Jewish identity and activity in the 21st century, Leadel uses digital media to both reflect upon and inspire innovation and creativity.

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About Us

The Cardozo Academy is an adult education institute that encourages new thinking about Judaism. With a keen eye on the latest developments in intellectual discourse and general culture, the Academy trains future rabbis, educators and community leaders to communicate and develop the Jewish tradition in the language of the new millennium.

The Academy also offers fresh analysis on the ideology behind Jewish law and faith in the form of books, articles, audiotapes and weekly e-mail essays, as well as courses and lectures throughout the State of Israel, Europe, South Africa, and North America.

The Academy was established in memory of Rabbi David Lopes Cardozo (1800-1888) of the Portuguese-Spanish Synagogue in Amsterdam. It’s Israeli affiliate, Machon Ohr Aaron, was named in memory of Mr. Aaron Spijer, The Hague, Netherlands.

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The David Cardozo Academy
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Telephone: 02-652-4053
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American Friends of The Cardozo School
9301 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 507
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