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The fairbanking foundation is a charity dedicated to encouraging and helping 
banking institutions to improve the financial wellbeing of their customers and 
thereby the UK public as a whole. our work is designed to provide well-researched, 
independent and insightful new input to assist in producing financial products that 
benefit customers. In 2011 the first fairbanking marks will be granted for products 
that have features which help customers alter their financial behaviour.

Basic Information

We're the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts. Our mission is to support the most creative, innovative ideas around to improve the prosperity and social wellbeing of the UK.
Company Overview
We're the UK's leading independent expert on how innovation can solve some of the country's biggest social and economic challenges.
We're working to solve some of the UK's major economic and social challenges
We publish a variety of useful handbooks for researchers, entrepreneurs, policymakers and anyone who takes an interest. We also test out our ideas with practical programmes to prove that innovative techniques can make a real difference.
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NESTA believes that 'people-powered' public services can offer radically different, cheaper and better solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges.

In order to understand how we can unlock the power of the social ventures behind this innovative new concept, we are working with the UK’s leading social entrepreneurs, social venture intermediaries and pioneering public services.

Our work is based on the knowledge that for social ventures to operate on a scale that will make a sustainable difference to the UK, they need to be able to access investment capital and advice in an appropriate form and at the right time. In order to achieve this, we need a functioning, larger scale social investment market.

NESTA has been working for several years to support the development of the social investment market, for example by:

  • Making cornerstone investments in two pioneering social venture capital funds: Bridges Social Entrepreneurs Fund and Big Issue Invest Social Enterprise Investment Fund
  • Supporting social venture intermediaries – the organisations that stimulate, incubate and take to scale social innovations. For example, we have incubated organisations like Participle and Thinkpublic, and provided risk capital for the development of new services to support community enterprise, like the Young Foundation’s Health Launchpad and Unltd’s investment readiness service, Unltd Advantage.
  • Commissioning the Young Foundation to map Social Venture Intermediaries (SVIs) in order to improve the understanding of the role and approaches used.
  • Addressing the structural barriers to investment, for example supporting the CSFI report on Tax Incentives for investment in social enterprise.

In the past six months, NESTA has launched two new initiatives to build the social investment market:




We're the UK's foremost expert on how innovation can help solve some of the country's major economic and social challenges.

Image of Peer Mentoring Guide

Peer mentoring was introduced to complement NESTA’s Starter for 6initiative, an enterprise development programme for innovative creative start-up businesses.

This guide shares NESTA’s experience and learning of peer mentoring with creative businesses during that programme.

Peer mentoring is different from traditional forms of mentoring (parent-child models) as it involves near peers with one or two years more experience than their mentees (akin to teenager-child model). NESTA was keen to test the efficacy of this form of mentoring within a business context and considers the success of the peer mentoring pilot a valuable supplement to the Starter for 6 business development approach.



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