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Haven for Jews in Asia

The club was founded by two Bagels from America who wanted to celebrate their Jewish roots, culture and heritage.

The club has since been thriving. It has about 20 active members and a email list of over a hundred folks. There are also many visiting jews that attend meetings and events.

Why the Name Bagelboy?

Well, we forget who of our congregation invented that name, but it just stuck to us. The prime reason is, being that we are located/based in a primarily Catholic country, and wish to maintain a relatively low-profile amongst the locals, but still maintain a primarily socially Jewish identity… one that most Jews would “get the hint” of… was “BagelBoys”.

This was a name we felt most Jews, regardless of group-affiliation or observance, would easily recognize. It has a friendly social “flavor” as well as hinting to it’s traditional Jewishness.

More About Us

The Bagel Boys have a 2 year history. Below is a listing of our accomplishments Here’s a partial list, of which we should all be extremely proud…

  • Conducted services for all holidays.

  • Had a Wedding, a Bris, a Kaddish and a Kiddush to celebrate a birth.

  • Sponsored 2 Kiddush’s in the Bagelboys name at the Makati Shul; had them donate prayer books for our use; we receive member discounts on their food sales; a case-by-case discount at the 5-Star Mandarin Oriental Hotel Makati.

  • Contact and Communication with the Israeli Embassy in Makati

  • Our Email list currently contains over 80 names – we act as a conduit to the Jewish community throughout much of the RP.

  • A “Shul-in-a-Box” was donated from the US, containing all required items (kippas, prayer shawls, books) to hold more-formal services.

  • A cash donation was received from someone who has never attended one of our events (more have been pledged); as was the Mezuzah donated for a housewarming.

  • We have created a vibrant/pleasing mix of Religion, Culture, Heritage, and Sociability for all our members.

Upcoming Events

23 Apr 2011 – 14:00


Our 6th Annual Passover Seder will be Saturday, April 23, 2:00, Ron’s house.

Proposed menu – if anyone has suggestions, or wants to bring a little something, let us know:
Beef Stew; Roast Chicken; Mixed Vegetables; Potato Salad; Matzoh Ball Soup; Fish Fillet; Lovely Sweet Wine; Fe’s Famous Mango Float.

So all may follow along, the Hagaddah is translated into Tagalog – many thanks, Maria.

If you’d like a copy – some of our members have found it worthwhile to explain the Holiday in advance to their companions – just email.

If you ordered matzoh, patience. It’s on the way.

Please let us know if you are joining us for Seder. Thanks.

For those wondering about the beginning of the Bagelboys, below is a
picture of one of the founders, early on.

The winner of the Hide the Afikomen Contest is PAUL M, way up there in Baguio. Mazel Tov!

Hope to see you all at Seder…


About rictandag @rictandag @LVHelpGro Returned U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer, Tandag, Surigao del Sur, Republic of the Philippines 1979-1980; Financial Management training Program [FMP], G.E., Appliance Park, Louisville, Kentucky 1981-1982 Champion [two days] Jeopardy 1986 Attorney, Los Angeles, CA 1989-1995 Disabiility Rights Attorney,, Las Vegas 1998-1999 Immigration Asylum Attorney, throughout the State of Kansas 1999-2001 Supply Logistics Specialist, UPS Las Vegas, 2006- present [business] advocate for: [Gawad Kalinga, tagalog for "to give care"]
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    Hadn’t come across this link before. Thanks for introducing!

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