Final Four Bulldog Mascot — Flying Like a BOSS |

‘Final Four’ Bulldog Mascot — Flying Like a BOSS

3/30/2011 12:50 AM PDT by TMZ Staff  

The mascot for the Butler Bulldogs is getting the royal treatment — in fact, the 7-year-old dog named Blue 2 not only has his own seat on a CHARTERED PLANE to the Final Four … he’s staying at a 4-star hotel.

Blue 2’s handler Michael Kaltenmark tells TMZ, the 63-pound English bulldog is leaving for Houston on Friday … aboard a special chartered Southwest flight for Butler fans — and get this … Blue 2’s got his OWN SEAT.

We’re told it’s Blue 2’s second trip to the Final Four — but it’s the first time he’ll be shacking up with the elite when he gets there … at Houston’s 4-star Intercontinental hotel.

In fact, Blue 2’s so popular — he’ll be getting his own security detail once he lands.

But Blue’s got a LOT to do before he takes off — we’re told Blue 2’s got an appointment with a dog spa in Indianapolis later today … where he’ll get his hair washed and dried, his nails done … and then finish things off with a little doggie cologne. Yes, it exists.

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Butler Blue II
Even TMZ wants some of this!

‘Final Four’ Bulldog Mascot — Flying Like a BOSS |
The mascot for the Butler Bulldogs is getting the royal treatment — in fact, the 7-year-old dog named Blue 2 not only has his own…

Basic Information
4600 Sunset Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46208
Butler University
March 27, 2004
Butler Blue II is the official mascot of Butler University. Follow Blue II, the lovable English Bulldog on Twitter (@ButlerBlue2), via his blog ( and of course, on Facebook!
Personal Information
Butler Blue II (nickname: “Blue”) is the official mascot of Butler University and pretty much the best mascot ever to walk the face of the Earth.

Blue II is the second in a young lineage of English Bulldogs bred by Frank and Jeane King of Kong King Kennels in Lizton, Indiana, which have served as the mascot of Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana since 2000.

Weighing in at 62 lbs. Blue II has enjoyed serving as mascot for the Indy-based, 4,000 student, liberal arts institution since May… (read more)
Personal Interests
Blue II is interested in all things Butler, from athletic events, to various other university happenings. He also enjoys playing with Butler students, sleeping, wading in kiddie pools, riding on boats and tractors, visiting the vet, going to City Dogs Grocery, and updating his blog…
Likes and Interests
WQME 98.7, Holistic Select, West Coast Tacos, WTTS, WTHR-TV, City Dogs, Hinkle Fieldhouse, Butler Bowl, Indy Social Media, Project DOG, Sara Morris Photography, Allison Kegley Designs, 1070 TheFan, Red Hydrant Pet Photography, Butler Bulldogs,, Indiana Bulldog Rescue, Good Dog Hotel & Spa, HeadBlade, Butler University (Official Page), Hire Me, Headblade., Reed Timmer: Meteorologist and Extreme Storm Chaser,, Butler University Alumni, BlueFuego, Woodland Animal Hospital and Pet Lodge, IndyCar Series, Hink the Butler Bulldog


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