Note: Eco-Fashion for a Better World is now part of Sustainatopia Honors 2011, Sunday night, April 3rd at the Frank Gehry/New World Center. To get tickets for this special program and for more information, please click here.


From the runways of New York Fashion Week to the pages of Vogue International, Luis Valenzuela is forging his own unique path of artistry and brilliance with every organic performance. Natasha Tsakos is a rising star whose work has ranged from TED to the Super Bowl with Cirque de Soleil. Together, Luis and Natasha create a powerful fashion show that will captivate the audience and take them through a maze of eco-art fashion and fun. The show will benefit Shine on Sierra Leone and will be hosted by renowned Super Model Selita Ebanks.


Valenzuela’s art works have captured the eye of interior designers and architects around the world.   He founded  the first “green art community” in Florida , where his primary objective is to support and actively engage in environmental promotion, sustainability and the better use of natural resources, recycled and reused materials through art projects.

“More art less waste” and his other concept EcoArtFashion© formulated from art, fashion and earth friendly products, try to push boundaries to forge new ideas with his fashionable and provoking works.   He paves the runway for a more promising and sustainable future with recycling all types of materials.

The artist has a venue to show people that even their garbage can become art.  “We need to make people think about what they use and what they throw away and how it can have a second life” says Luis.

The designer uses art as a way to shock people into thinking about their place and role in this movement to help save the environment. The artist has the skill and responsibility to document events of the time and can embellish these events to make a point through fashion and art.


Natasha Tsakos is a motion and visual artist from Geneva, Switzerland, living in Florida.  She is the current president and founder of ZERO, llc. Tsakos is notable for achieving what critics call a creative and innovative vision in the art of orchestrating and synchronizing various disciplines, to the execution of high-leveled productions.

She was educated at the New World School of the Arts, part of the University of Florida. Tsakos has over 200 acting credits, written 12 original works, directed 30 plays. She has been commissioned by Nickelodeon, Miami Art Museum, Carnival Center, Art Basel, featured in HBO, MTV, BBC and is a member of Miami Performing Arts Center first theater troop.

Natasha Tsakos was exposed to more than 300,000 people with over 82 performances scheduled. She worked with the Big Apple Circus (NY) as a Doctor Clown for two consecutive years. A professional voiceover artist, she is the lead voice for Fox’s reality shows, and Richard Branson’s Rebel Billionaire to run in France.

Natasha is also the lead performer of nationally acclaimed performance troupe Circ X, a member of Octavio Campos’ Hybrid Theater company Camposition, and performed with Cirque du Soleil for the Super Bowl Opening Ceremony 2007.


A Native New Yorker of Caymanian, Jamaican, Irish, Indian and African descent, Selita is a reflection of beauty inside and out.

Former Victoria Secret Angel, Selita has graced the covers of numerous magazines, including Esquire, Hampton Style, Maxim, and was featured in Vanity Fair. She was chosen one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People. Additionally, Selita has been featured in the Sports Illustrated coveted Swimsuit Issues and has appeared on the cover of the SI calendar.

After a 2008 visit to Sierra Leone, Selita was so profoundly impacted by her experience that she extended her philanthropy efforts overseas. She founded the Women’s Coalition for Empowerment and Opportunity (WCEO) to support women’s educational and professional programs in the civil war ravaged African nation, and launched the Birth Right Healthcare Program for Shine On Sierra Leone (SOSL), a non-profit organization that helps Sierra Leonians rebuild their nation through education, adult literacy, sustainable building programs, and maternal and early childhood healthcare.

In 2010,Selita participated in NBC’s acclaimed series, The Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump to raise awareness and funds for WCEO. While on the show Selita won $20,000 for SOSL.

The Power of Shine on Sierra Leone:
Selita Ebanks traveled to Sierra Leone in 2008 and was moved to make it her mission to reduce the dramatic statistics and impact of maternal and child mortality.  Since then, she has worked tirelessly to spread awareness and raise funds for the future of the women and children in Sierra Leone.

In February 2011, Selita and the team at Shine on Sierra Leone will visit the site that will host the new Birthing Center and meet with the government of Sierra Leone to discuss terms of collaboration in the management and development of the clinic facility.

More About Sierra Leone:
Sierra Leone is a pristine country located in West Africa with a vibrant culture and extraordinary history.  It is an agrarian society set within large tracks of fertile land and untouched white sand beaches.  Its rural and traditional society has emerged to become the most inspiring, empowered and faithful people from a ruthless history of slavery, colonization and more recently the 11-year civil war that ended in 2002.  As a result of this civil war, the country is currently ranked second to last on the Human Development index and has one of the world’s lowest life expectancy – under the age of 45.

Today, each Sierra Leonean carries a deep will to build a nation that looks at its future empowered from its painful history.

Shine On Sierra Leone is a non-profit that is committed to helping provide resources to the people of Sierra Leone so that they can create local solutions to the issues facing local communities. SOSL has been working together with the citizens of Sierra Leone since 2006, spearheading innovative programs in Agriculture, Education, Microloans, Healthcare, and Eco-Tourism- with the aim for each program to become self-sustainable within 5 years. As an organization we are deeply committed to empowering local people and communities. SOSL has been humbled and inspired by the exponential and successful growth of its grass roots programs throughout the country.  And with the undying support of our Good Will Ambassador, Selita Ebanks, SOSL makes a brave leap into the challenge of maternal and child healthcare.  SOSL and Selita aim to remove Sierra Leone from its current ranking of having the highest maternal and child mortality statistics in the world.


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