a possible agenda for discussions between Tony Meloto and a prominent member of the US Congress


a possible agenda for discussions between Tony Meloto and a prominent member of the US Congress

by Rick Passo on Monday, March 28, 2011 at 3:36pm

A proposed  "suggestion list" of  topics to give to Gawad Kalinga and to Tony Meloto before he comes to Las Vegas to try to FOCUS their mutual discussions.


Point #1:  Tony Meloto's empowerment of the poor.


 [This surely is something that the Congresswoman should be interested in helping to serve all of her constituencies, not just the Filipinos.]

See, for example, this link: http://www.qi-global.com/blog/2011/1/29/why-support-the-poorest-of-the-poor.html

I blogged this at http://internationalaidadvocate.com/qi-global-blog-why-support-the-poorest-of-the providing a little more detail.


When World leaders at Davos listen and learn from Tony there, why can't the Congresswoman? She conceivably could spend the entire meeting just asking Tony about his presentation at Davos.  Please reference Tony Meloto's biography from the Schwab  Foundation/World Economic Forum website: 


and http://www.gk1world.com/gk's-tony-meloto-gets-invited-to-participate-in-davos-world-economic-forum


The Congresswoman should check out just who LISTENS and Learns from Tony Meloto.  See his biography at http://www.qi-global.com/antonio-meloto and notice the various cosponsors and cospeakers. Check out http://www.qi-global.com/speakers# and http://www.qi-global.com/partners

"Tony saw the need to not only get them out of poverty, but to uplift their spirits, remove their "slum mentality", and instill new hope. But one man can’t do it alone. Thus, Gawad Kalinga was born; wherein new homes will be built for and by the poor with the help of sponsors. The homes will form a Gawad Kalinga (GK) village, where families will be taught right Christian values and skills to form a new livelihood. Children are given proper education and GK volunteers provide counseling and guidance."


Point #2:  I sense strongly that social entrepreneurship and international educational exchanges for UNLV, CSN and UNR could be the main theme of the "congressional meeting" with Tony Meloto.

 Tony truly is a world renown expert on these topics and he has a LOT of related insights to offer to the Congresswoman which have direct application here in the US.  Additionally, the types of educational and cultural exchanges and university partnerships that Tony and GK have "cemented" around the globe could be of crucial importance to UNR and UNLV and CSN and the Board of Regents, especially given the huge Filipino population here in Nevada, especially Southern Nevada.  The Congresswoman could help to facilitate these types of international exchanges NOT just in the Philippines but literally globally based upon a future "partnership" with Tony Meloto and his international network..


After all, Shelly formerly served on the Board of Regents and is a UNLV graduate.  She undoubtedly will be looking for "creative ways" both implement new programs, new exchanges and prestigious private-public sector partnerships and corporate-university partnerships, including those with FAITH based nongovernmental organizations, such as GKUSA.


Tony Meloto already has done that literally around the world.  See, for example, http://www.klm.com/travel/ph_en/special_offers/corporate_responsibility.htm  Here is an excerpt:

The AIR FRANCE KLM Group shares this direction of corporate social responsibility and is committed to ensure that its profitability grows hand in hand with the promotion of social values and environmental quality. In the Philippines, we have chosen to partner with GK and participate in its vision of transforming poverty-stricken areas through community-building projects. 


See also  http://www.dfa.gov.ph/main/index.php/news-from-rp-embassies/2576-gawad-kalinga-visits-austria [copied at my blog at http://internationalaidadvocate.com/gawad-kalinga-visits-austria ], the information linked at  http://gk1world.com/hope-in-europe  and his recent interview on the Voice of America's Real Recognition Radio: 



Point #3 Congresswoman Berkley serves on various Congressional SubCommittees which focus on issues on which Tony Meloto is an expert.


Here are other "related assignments":  

  1. Congressional Human Rights Caucus
  2. Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues [Women's Issues are HUGE issues in the development of nations such as the Philippines.  The types of women's empowerment engendered and sustained by Gawad Kalinga are being recognized, studied and implemented WORLDWIDE  by entities such as the World Economic Forum, the UN and a multitude of international organizations and corporations.]
  3. Congressional Labor and Working Families Caucus
  4. Congressional Climate Change Caucus [Green Kalinga has programs which internationally recognized.]  
  5. After-school Caucus 


See also http://www.philippineembassy-usa.org/news/650/300/Ambassador-Gaa-Meets-with-United-States-Congresswoman-Berkley/d,phildet/


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